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Vintage Canterbury



Before any skeptic shouts ‘edited, there’s no way she could have done this purely with the camera’ I will say that I did. Believe it or not, I did not touch this photos’ colours in an editing software. What you see was done with a click of a camera button.

See, my Pentax K-50 has some pretty awesome features. Of course, this does not mean that if yours does, you will create an awesome picture straight away… but the camera does give you the tools. You have to know them and practice, practice and practice! Alternatively, just press the button and hope for the best?

To be honest, I do not quite know how I did it myself. I just fell in love with the flower and had the urge to take a fantastic photograph like I never have had before! Maybe an angel helped me to achieve my desires. My gratitude.

Anyway, I’ll now leave this photograph here and hope that you see what I see.



Pink, black and gray.





I don’t think that the feature image will portray exactly what this image shows. You have to click on this thread and see it- see it through.

I’m still amazed at my own work. I encourage you to be proud of your achievements too, big or small.

Exp: 1/160sec

fstop: f/10

ISO 100

Flowers, special

Spark of Colour