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Ladybugs can fly.


Some of you might be wondering, ‘Why on earth did she name an album with ducks with such a name?’. Well, my title is a little different, I agree. That is because I want to say a few words about what happened on the day when I took those photographs and something deeper – a little message let¬†say.

On many days, when walking to the university or going to a shop I pondered about life. Many thoughts would pass through my mind at those moments. One of these would be regarding animals. Whenever one little creature passed by me, it did it so quick Рlike it was scared. That is because it probably was, definitely was. If you actually look closely, you will see the fear in their eyes.

Well, whenever this happened, I felt deeply sorry for them. I did not want them to run away from me because I knew I don’t want harm or show superiority.¬†I still don’t want them to be scared, albeit it happens.

A part of me always asked questions about their acts and one was: I am using a calm tone of voice, I have a nice smile on my face, I try so hard to be friendly, why God are they still running away? I deeply did not want to have such relations with those wild creatures, so I prayed for a change.

My prayer was listened to and on that day it happened. The ducks and that pond bird whos’ name I do not know, although wild, were not running away from me! I was photographing a pond on that day, a very beautiful pond in my eyes ( I will post the photos later). When I approached the pond, from a different angle, all the ducks… and I mean all the ducks (mamma duck, baby duck one, baby duck two and three) and other birds started to approach me. It was amazing! Also scary!

I mean it was so powerful. They approached me so confidently with so much interest. They were very relaxed and I almost felt overpowered. It is definitely something amazing to keep in mind. They showed me something different.

From this story, my message really¬†is linked to, that we as humans hardly ever see their pain. In the western culture, most people stare at their phones when making a journey on feet (as observed). Whilst doing that 20 other people destroy the eco-system which as a result vanishes precious life and not many will look at an animal (not a report like in most cases) and care about the consequences of OUR actions that affect them. It is not surprising that they do run away, we destroy, kill and eat them at the end of the day. Animals are not stupid. This is one of the reasons they do run away. They can’t predict and expect something good from a human they do not know.

The bible really gives us the answer and all you need to do is think about the reason for why they are filled with terror. It’s not because of the dominance in itself. It’s the method in which we express that dominance – the ignorant one.

¬†“All the living creatures of the earth will be filled with fear and terror of you from now on, including all the creatures that fly in the sky, everything that crawls on the ground, and all the fish of the ocean. They‚Äôve been assigned to live under your dominion.”

Genesis 9:2

What I want to finish with is a simple request. Please care about your actions, don’t be egocentric or just human-centric, be a precious gift for all creation.¬†

Love, KS.



The scary presence.


The perfect pair. Oh, how ironic.

I don’t think the caption needs an explanation as such. The story goes like this: Both the dog and the squirrel are very cute when you see them on their own. But at the moment you see them together, there is no joy. You would think that they would get along really well but… the dog likes to chase the squirrel and the squirrel runs away because it is afraid of the dog. However, both are really wise.

Do we not think like this when we see people?
Aren’t we the same in this aspect? There is only one exception I want to address – we are intelligent enough to change our ‘instincts’ so there is joy. Maybe then, animals through observation would copy our good behaviour.