I’m glad you got here to read about me and my photography.

As you have probably already read, I am a 20-year-old called Kinga. Day to day, I study Law and Quantitative Research at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. In my spare time, or at times where I just cannot focus on studies, I take my Pentax K-50 and snap, snap and snap!

The journey with a camera in my hands started in summer 2015. To make things more specific, by the time I knew how to take good quality photographs, it was 2016. The eyes that see good possibilities for a stunning photo were trained for longer… since I was a child.

My dream of taking photographs came true when my truly amazing boyfriend (thanks be to God) brought me a surprise! That surprise was a hi-techy amazing white camera with 2 lenses. I was overwhelmed!

At first, I would photograph anything that was pleasing to the eye. But, when I became an honest follower of Christ, I started to focus mainly on his creation – which really is everything because mankind can only build upon what was provided. My image folders are full of flowers, though I guess that is what I do best in my own opinion.

On my blog, you will see all kinds of photography and that is because I like to challenge myself quite often. I know that some images are far from perfect, but I try with all my strengths to develop my skills and this comes with practice. I encourage you to do the same. With the amounts of different standards of ‘a good photo’, there will be someone out there that likes what you do.

Always have hope and a crumpet of courage! Failed tries are better than given up opportunities because those fails will once turn into a success!